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10301 Bolsa Ave., Suite 202, Westminster, CA 92683 Phone: 714.775.2227


We welcome you as a potential patient. At Dr. Pham's office we are dedicated to making you feel special and comfortable while making every effort to ensure successful treatment.

At your complimentary initial examination Dr. Pham will review your past history and perhaps your family history. Dr. Pham then will give you a thorough orthodontic exam in order to get to know you, to understand your treatment needs and expectations prior to beginning treatment.

Our office staff will also sit down with you to discuss your treatment fee based upon your individual treatment plan. We will work together to devise the most comfortable payment plan for you. And, if you carry orthodontic insurance, we will place a courtesy call to your carrier in order to verify your understanding of your benefits. We will be happy to discuss any questions you may have concerning your insurance to help you receive maximum coverage.

After your complimentary initial examination and financial review, it will be up to you to decide if you'd like to schedule a second appointment. This appointment is necessary to obtain the diagnostic records. These records include dental casts, photos of face and teeth, and last but not least panoramic, cephalogram, and full mouth xrays. These records are obtained inhouse using the latest state of the art digital photography and xrays. Your photos and xrays are ready in minutes instead of days or weeks if your records were taken at outside orthodontic labs.

Although we would be happy to have you as a patient, we have a "no pressure" policy - we do not ask our patients to sign a financial agreement until the consultation appointment. At this appointment, Dr. Pham will discuss with you the treatment plans, goals, expectations, and the type of appliances (braces)that are right for you. And finally, after all administrative tasks are done, the appliances are placed and followed with home care instructions.

In order to schedule a complimentary initial examination, please call: (714) 775-2227. If you would like us to call on your insurance estimate prior to your appointment, please have this information available.

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